Arkkivahti´s reading tonight includes a new architectural guide. It has been published in the DOM Publishers series and by the initiative of the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and the Kulturstiftung  Dessau Wörlitz. A review will later be published, in Finnish.

I have often visited Bauhaus and even made a TV documentary for the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation YLE, in the nineties. Those were really interesting times, because the Berlin wall had been taken down. Bauhaus was then a mixture of old and partly very strange DDR-style staff, and a lot of young and international energy. Many people in the region had lost their jobs, but there were interesting projects going on, for instance at Dessau Nord.

A lot of Dessau was in ruins, but I also had the chance of riding my rented black bike all around the region – including the closed open minefields and the wonderful park of Wörlitz. The state of Sachsen-Anhalt has a fantastic history from the times of the enlightenment. One reason for  Walter Gropius to establish the school in Dessau was the batty of the region and the possibility to build  the master houses at a walking distance from the main Bauhaus building.


No Bauhaus has repaired an reconstructed the Meisterhäuser Buildings. The housing areas by the Bauhaus architects have also been repaired, and there are plenty of new and interesting buildings. Dessau also suffers as one of the shrinking cities, but Bauhaus also brings architecture tourists.

The city and the area have a lot to offer. The book, after a leafing through, seems to be an excellent guide to people who have more than just a few hours for a visit.

I recommend an overnight stay or two, a dinner or lunch at the Kornhaus and long bicycle rides along the rivers Elbe and Mulde. And  picnic in the Wörlitz garden, definitely!

Images are screenshots from the DOM Publishers site.



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