There is a new yearbook about best German architecture. It is published by DAM, their own architecture museum in Frankfurt am Main, and DOM Publishers.

The book has been written in both German and English, which also makes it an international publication. Included are also buildings by German architects but realised outside of Germany.

The best building, chosen by the jury for the book, has been the Europäeisches Hansemuseum in Lübeck, by Studio Andreas Heller Architects.


Among other published buildings are best examples of housing, schools, museum and so forth.

One of my favourites in this book is the German School in Madrid by Grüntuch Ernst Architects.

img_3035There also is  another fine building, in Africa, by my fantastic colleague Mr Francis Kéré who also has his office in Berlin. This health care centre is a part of the ambitious Opera Village, initiated by  the now late opera and theatre director and filmmaker, Mr. Christopf Schlingenschief.


There are both project descriptions and essays. One lovely building is a tiny infill backyard house in Munich, by Gertsmeir Inić Architekten. It is an example of some kind of ”architecture of the imperfect”, with spaces on three levels and a hidden terrace. This is one my favourites in this book´s collection of best German architecture.


This book will be my Sunday reading. This Sunday will be dedicated to museum visits, a long walk with the dog Reina and  concentrated  reading of this well edited publication.

Later, there will be a proper review of this publication. This screen shot below shows the clear and beautiful layout of the book.



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